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According to Sourceforge.Net, the MSN Shadow was downloaded more than 32.000 times, showing that several people have liked the software.
So, to support my additional work on this project like a version for Windows, capture of file transfers and others improvements, I would like to ask for some donation if you can.
I would not like to stop providing this software in open source format, but I can not work for nothing!
If you need a better software, more complete, running in more platforms, make a donation and I will work hard for that.

Support MSN Shadow Project!

Thanks for your time!


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Blogger Mickaël disse...

hi gabriel...
i 'd rather to speak about your soft and about hack generally!
i'm a french guy (network and system technician). if it's possible for you, can you add me in your jabber please?
best regards

19 de fevereiro de 2009 14:54  
Blogger Hector disse...

very thanks gabriel. Gabriel is spanish name? I have msnshadow in my distro. It is based in hacking and security tools. You can more info and download here:

11 de junho de 2009 14:40  
Blogger Ambrose disse...

Amazing forensic tool for instant messaging. This software could be downloaded easily. similarly there are many websites that offer instant messengers tools that are easy to download and install.

27 de maio de 2010 21:42  
Blogger oes disse...

MSN KAYDOL tarafından tesekkurler

3 de setembro de 2012 11:51  
Blogger Sara disse...

I hope that you can getting more downloads, but i heared that msn is shutted down at the moment so thats why i am trying to get whatsapp for pc

29 de abril de 2014 09:37  

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